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New Inventory, Lower Prices and Free Shipping at yurtcraft

I just listed some new items and for the month of July I'm offering free USA/CA shipping ($2.25 everywhere else) on orders of 5 or more items.  I will be discontinuing the ALL BAMBOO pads so the remaining 2 in inventory will ship for free in the USA/CA and for $1.50 everywhere else.

Well, I tried to get one of those cool Etsy badges to work here but I am technologically impaired so here's a link to the store.  yurtcraft

pad donations x-posted

hi ladies ! it's been a long time, I hope you are doing well

a while back there was interest in donating cloth pads, I was kicking around the net and lunapads has some links to places that accept their pads, among them I found this place that seems to be accepting sewn pads of other brands/homesewn,


lunapads themselves accept homesewn pads and send them on....


just thought if anyone wanted to know :-D