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Help choossing a thin liner

It's my first time here so I will give you a little background information so you can help me out better.
I'm a petite woman (1.58 m and 45 k) with heavy periods. I've switched to the menstrual cup almost a year ago but anyway I keep using some external protection from time to time, specially pantyliners.
My periods lasts one week: 1 day of spotting pre-period, 5 days of heavy to medium flow, 2 days of spotting. Even though I'm in love with my cup I get some minor leakage ocasionally so I always use a pantyliner as backup, also I don't like to have anything up in my vagina if not necessary so I use light pads or pantyliners for the spotting days. Until now I've been using disposables but a couple of months ago I decided to give the jump into cloth. With so little information on the subject I just went blindness on my first buy; a starter pack from Mimi's dreams (pantyliners and minipads) and even though I like them I find them not as thin as I would like them to be (I do a lot of biking and pilates outside my place and I want them to be (almost) unnoticeable with thight leggins).
So now I've done some research looking for thin pantyliners/minipads but I still have some doubts.So here my thoughts on different brands and my questions:
WeeEssentials: although they are ultrathin I've understood the pantyliners aren't very absorbant. Do you think they will work with a light flow, lets say around 5-10 ml (2 mini tampons absorbency)  a day of blood ?
Party in my pants (Pimps): I love the designs and their absorbency is really good compared with their thinnes but I've read so many reviews saying they move around. I know I can order a free pantyliner to try out from their website but I live in Spain so I don't know if it worths paying 13$ shipping just to find out I don't like it. I'm specially concerned because I hardly have any cotton knickers,I own mostly silky like, so do you think they will move around even if I choose the mini ones?
Caroline's Creations: my favourites so far, they are pretty, affordable and the shipping doesn't add 20 extra bucks. The thing with this company is that I've found only 5 or 6 reviews on the internet (all of them great) but I hardly found any information on the thinnes of the pantyliners. Has any of you tried them? How thin are they?
Thank you in advance.

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