Dances with Penguins (hjart) wrote in clothpadladies,
Dances with Penguins

New items and a sale!

I have lots of new items and prints posted recently, including a bunch of cotton velour toped pads. Velour toped pads are limited in supply, and when they are gone, they are gone.


Something new! I call it the Pad-T, my husband calls them Rocket Pads. They are pads with the wings offset to one end of the pad. Do you buy long pads to get the coverage you need, but dislike how thick they tend to be? Do you grumble every time you spend more for a long pad when all you need is a little more coverage in the front/back? Have you tried wingless pads but find they slide around too much? If so the Pad-T might be the right pad for you!


Sale! All long pads are 2$ off their regular price.


Thanks for shopping!

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