Dalya (dalyax) wrote in clothpadladies,

Cloth Pad Makers Community: clothpad_makers

Hi everyone!
There is a new livejournal community created for just cloth pad sellers! It is clothpad_makers . We'd love to have more members to stir up some action.

The benefits of this community is that sellers will be able to openly and comfortably ask questions or seek advice. You can also discuss materials, techniques, pricing, etc, the whole deal.

The community is open to only cloth pad sellers! Please check your lj messages or emails to see if you were invited. If not, send a message to one of the moderators (majortom_thecat, purple_obsidianpoppleshatesyou  or dalyax ). Or, you can leave information about your business in your lj profile page when you request to join with a click.

When accepted, please read the profile page of clothpad_makers in order to do an introductory post about your self/business ;)

Thanks so much <3!

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