June 18th, 2008

kirsty maccoll

Modern Acorn Pads!

Look what I got in the mail today!


These are from Modern Acorn, I’ve been coveting her pads for ages, but I tend to miss her store stockings due to being 8 hours ahead of her! I was SO excited when she posted these at a non-crazy hour for me, and I refreshed like crazy to get the scallop one! The cloth wipe was totally unexpected and such a lovely surprise!

These are gorgeous pads, and the workmanship is amazing – the photo really doesn’t do them justice. I can’t wait to try them! They should also come with an addiction warning, as I already want a ton more of them! The timing is perfect as I’m due to start bleeding literally any minute, so I’ll get to try them out really soon – along with my pads from Modest Maiden, skyladagaz, and dalyax. Ahh, cloth love!

Thank you so much Amanda! You do wonderful work! ♥