Cloth Liner Test Sets For Sale

Hello All,

I am Aungeleca the creator of Artful Angelfish products. I'm new to the cloth pad making scene and am currently going through the testing phase.

I have some liner test sets (with a non-water-resistant backing) available for sale with an agreement to complete a questionnaire/feedback form. There are 4- 7" and 4- 9" liner test sets are still available (Quilter's Cotton or Cotton Flannel top, flannel core, black microfleece back, and KAM snaps). I will have several more test sessions in the upcoming weeks that will include pads with water resistant backings. Check out the link to the album below:

If you don't use Facebook and would like to claim a set you can comment on this post or e-mail me at

Thank you.

Help choossing a thin liner

It's my first time here so I will give you a little background information so you can help me out better.
I'm a petite woman (1.58 m and 45 k) with heavy periods. I've switched to the menstrual cup almost a year ago but anyway I keep using some external protection from time to time, specially pantyliners.
My periods lasts one week: 1 day of spotting pre-period, 5 days of heavy to medium flow, 2 days of spotting. Even though I'm in love with my cup I get some minor leakage ocasionally so I always use a pantyliner as backup, also I don't like to have anything up in my vagina if not necessary so I use light pads or pantyliners for the spotting days. Until now I've been using disposables but a couple of months ago I decided to give the jump into cloth. With so little information on the subject I just went blindness on my first buy; a starter pack from Mimi's dreams (pantyliners and minipads) and even though I like them I find them not as thin as I would like them to be (I do a lot of biking and pilates outside my place and I want them to be (almost) unnoticeable with thight leggins).
So now I've done some research looking for thin pantyliners/minipads but I still have some doubts.So here my thoughts on different brands and my questions:
WeeEssentials: although they are ultrathin I've understood the pantyliners aren't very absorbant. Do you think they will work with a light flow, lets say around 5-10 ml (2 mini tampons absorbency)  a day of blood ?
Party in my pants (Pimps): I love the designs and their absorbency is really good compared with their thinnes but I've read so many reviews saying they move around. I know I can order a free pantyliner to try out from their website but I live in Spain so I don't know if it worths paying 13$ shipping just to find out I don't like it. I'm specially concerned because I hardly have any cotton knickers,I own mostly silky like, so do you think they will move around even if I choose the mini ones?
Caroline's Creations: my favourites so far, they are pretty, affordable and the shipping doesn't add 20 extra bucks. The thing with this company is that I've found only 5 or 6 reviews on the internet (all of them great) but I hardly found any information on the thinnes of the pantyliners. Has any of you tried them? How thin are they?
Thank you in advance.
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yurtcraft Spam and Drawing Info for February

I just spent the morning listing items in all three of my stores, lots of pads in all absorbencies and even 2 different starter sets made from upcycled top fabric(which allows me to offer them at a bit of a discount, yay!)

yurtcraft @ Etsy

yurtcraft @ CPS

yurtcraft @ Bigcartel

I also have a drawing going on over at my blog for a 10.5" Ultra Absorbent Pad with the Women's Heart Health print.  Go check it out for details on how you could be the winner (it is possible to enter more than once this month, yay again!).  Remember to click the link to my blog to enter the drawing.
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New Inventory at yurtcraft

I've listed pads at Etsy ,CPS and BigCartel.  There are still a couple old style pads at CPS but the rest are the new diamond top-stitch pads.  One diamond is a liner, two is regular, three is extra absorbent and four is ultra absorbent.  No more guessing or trying to remember what kind of pad it is.  Happy Shopping!
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New items and a sale!

I have lots of new items and prints posted recently, including a bunch of cotton velour toped pads. Velour toped pads are limited in supply, and when they are gone, they are gone.


Something new! I call it the Pad-T, my husband calls them Rocket Pads. They are pads with the wings offset to one end of the pad. Do you buy long pads to get the coverage you need, but dislike how thick they tend to be? Do you grumble every time you spend more for a long pad when all you need is a little more coverage in the front/back? Have you tried wingless pads but find they slide around too much? If so the Pad-T might be the right pad for you!


Sale! All long pads are 2$ off their regular price.


Thanks for shopping!

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Cloth Pad Makers Community: clothpad_makers

Hi everyone!
There is a new livejournal community created for just cloth pad sellers! It is clothpad_makers . We'd love to have more members to stir up some action.

The benefits of this community is that sellers will be able to openly and comfortably ask questions or seek advice. You can also discuss materials, techniques, pricing, etc, the whole deal.

The community is open to only cloth pad sellers! Please check your lj messages or emails to see if you were invited. If not, send a message to one of the moderators (majortom_thecat, purple_obsidianpoppleshatesyou  or dalyax ). Or, you can leave information about your business in your lj profile page when you request to join with a click.

When accepted, please read the profile page of clothpad_makers in order to do an introductory post about your self/business ;)

Thanks so much <3!

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